Portrait Of High School Student Group Sitting Outside College Buildings

This group is for adolescents from 9-14 years of age who want to meet new friends and try out a variety of leisure activities. Weekly activities will include group games, simple craft projects, sensory based activities to regulate arousal, and a group outing. This is their group, so they with be an integral part in the choosing and planning of the weekly activities, which promotes independence and executive function skills.

The group will be lead by an Occupational Therapist and have a max ratio of 4:1. Leisure activities and hobbies are an important ‘occupation’ for everyone. They promote physical and emotional well being as well as social interaction. Weekly sessions will focus on:

  • Developing Trust and becoming a group
  • Awareness of one’s own feelings and finding healthy activities that help us to feel good
  • Taking responsibility for self and behavior; learning about anger and how to manage it
  • Trying new leisure activities and hobbies in a supportive environment with the hope of finding a leisure interest to engage in ongoing.

Friends in Motion meets once a week for 1.5 hours.

Upcoming group dates to be determined.
Please check back at a later time or call the office for more information. 440-333-1880

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